Industries Served

>  Banks
>  Commercial Office Buildings
>  Medical Facilities
>  Warehouse/Distribution Centers



With over 20 years of experience servicing banks, Lane’s employees are highly trained and certified professionals. Feel safe knowing our employees have been thoroughly screened. We perform detailed background checks on all employees entering secured buildings. Our supervisors will also make rounds while cleaners are on call to ensure your facility is properly secured while we service your needs.

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Commercial Office Buildings

We know first hand what it takes to successfully run Commercial Buildings. Our team is fully equipped and experienced when working with single tenant and multi-tenant facilities. It is our goal to make sure our clients are maintaining clean and stress free relationships with their tenants and employees. Our supervisors will work directly with you to establish a program that fits your specific needs.

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Medical Facilities

We have cleaning specialist that work directly with medical facilities. Our staff members are specially trained to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. They also understand the importance of sanitization and making sure every work space is properly sterilized to prevent germs from spreading. Work directly with our on-site supervisor to develop a cleaning plan that suits your needs.

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Warehouse/Distribution Centers

We know cleanliness plays a key role in maintaining safety within warehouse and distributions centers.  At Lane’s, we are here to help prevent accidents from happening and minimize risk. We work directly with on-site supervisors to develop a program that will keep facilities spotless and safe.

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