Go Green

The intent of Green Cleaning is to reduce building occupants and maintenance personnel to the exposure of potential hazardous chemicals and biological and particulate contaminants which affect human health, air quality, building systems, building finishes, and the environment.

At Lane’s Cleaning we have in place our green cleaning program called “Project Green Clean”, supported by a green cleaning policy that reduces exposure to building contaminants and minimizes the environmental impact.  We accomplish this by using:

  • Dilution Controlled Systems – Minimizes chemical use wherever possible
  • Sustainable Cleaning Products – BioRenewables and Green Seal Certified products
  • HEPA Filtered Vacuums – Minimizes the re-circulation of airborne particles
  • Electronic Quality Control Program – Reports are sent through email which saves on paper consumption
  • Properly Trained Personnel - Trained in the use of hazardous chemicals, use of equipment and recycling
  • Microfiber Technology – Allows chemical-free cleaning while eliminating 99% of bacteria

Lane’s Cleaning is committed to providing top quality cleaning while doing our part to protect the health and environment of your facility and its occupants.  If a sustainable cleaning program is what you are looking for, we have it.

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